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Atlantic coast


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Beaches close to Nantes

on the way to the beach

60km, 30 artworks to discover along the estuary

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La Maison dans la Loire, Nantes
Contemporary Art

Jean-Luc Courcoult

A house where the foundations, stuck in the silt, tilts slightly, its shutters closed and its rooms uninhabited...

Bateau mou tordu Nantes
Contemporary Art
Le Pellerin

Erwin Wurm

An abandoned yacht tilts onto its side and tips over, irresistibly attracted by the river.

Squelette de serpent géant sur la plage, Nantes
Contemporary Art

Huang Yong Ping

skeleton of an enormous sea-serpent surges out of the sea, as if it had just been found in an archaeological dig

beautiful beaches on the Loire

(no swimming)

La plage. Parc des chantiers. Ile de Nantes. Nantes
Park and garden
Pointe Ouest Île de Nantes

On a former shipyard

As the headquarters of the “Machines de l’île”, the park is now a fun and educational site.

Beautiful beaches on the coast

Pass Nantes

Le pied, le pull-over et le système digestif, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Saint-Nazaire, Estuaire Nantes _ _ Saint-Nazaire

Included in the Pass Nantes 7 days

Saint-Nazaire was born with its port. History is only 150 years old ... but what a story!


Seaside resort, eclectic and whimsical


Between the marshes of Brière and the Atlantic Ocean


8km of sandy beach


The southernmost of the Bretons ports


Pass Nantes

Nantes Gare Nord

Included in the Pass Nantes 7 days