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City appartment

Destinations- Surprenantes - "Le D'Ô"

A parisian river-boat dating back from the 30’s, Le D’Ô was entirely modified to offer a single room on the water. A footprint area of 45m2 , with an indoor and an outdoor terrace, it was converted to take maximum advantage of the space.

it was subjected to the conception of a central big piece of furniture that can be transformed at will: a reception table, a fully equipped kitchen corner,a seated bar and a sleeping area, Le D’Ô then becomes a true bedroom, completely isolated from the outside with blinds and opaque curtains. Le D’Ô is not a houseboat, on the contrary, it’s a boat which is largely open on to the Erdre river (known as the most beautiful river in France) and on to its environment. Herons and cormorants often surround the boat when the first rays of sunshine appear !



5 Quai Henri Barbusse
44000 Nantes


06 38 44 49 98
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