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Contemporary Art

“Cloud Station”

See you in the summer of 2022

Treat yourself to a refreshment in the new work of Voyage à Nantes.

Along Boulevard des Pas-Enchantés, Île Forget is an oasis of calm just a stone’s throw from Nantes. these former pasturing fields – now converted into a park with walking areas and playgrounds – have retained their original beauty. until the mid-1950s, a former stable housed a team of horses.

Staion Nuage is a set of sculptures and images that transforms the island’s topography and functions. YokYok has transformed the old stable into an entirely blue “seaside resort” that rises up itself like a tide in the landscape.

Attached to the house, transparent due to its fine nets, a “cloud” allows thin structural supports to fly freely, creating tiny trickles of rain to fall, not unlike the region’s everchanging climate.

The work houses a refreshment bar and light meals, where walkers are invited to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

YokYok is a collective founded in 2009 and based in Paris. It is made up of Samson Lacoste, Luc Pinsard, Laure Qarémy and Pauline Lazareff.


See you in the summer of 2022