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Contemporary Art

Mauves Balnéaire

See you in the summer of 2022

Moveable and colourful beach huts have been reinvented for the occasion and are located by the boat ramp.

Between the huts you’ll find long picnic tables, outdoor lounge chairs for sunbathing, benches, bike stands, and deck chairs – in other words, everything you could want to take full advantage of the summer and this green beach along the Loire.

Thanks to the Nantes-based architect collective mit, Mauves-sur-Loire briefly rediscovers its former status as an early 20th century beach resort.


Free access.


Bord de Loire
Quai des Mariniers
44470 Mauves-sur-Loire
See you in the summer of 2022


No swimming allowed. Adults are responsible for children in their care.


During the week, take-away food is available without a health pass. During the concerts on Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 10pm: health pass required.