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Contemporary Art

Péage Sauvage


A massive wooden sculpture representing a stretch of highway, where we might one day invent a simple and pleasant life.

The Wild Toll-Gate was created in 2012 and tells the tale of the “Little Amazon”. After the war this strip of land between two railroads gradually became abandoned. The accumulation of rain water in the shell craters created a one-off “urban marshland” of incredible richness; hence the name: Little Amazon. This exceptional marshland has been certified as a Natura 2000 site.

Observatorium illustrates this story through a “fairy tale of progress”: “If a project for a highway eventually allowed nature to thrive, our project will allow people to enter the urban spaces of the future.”

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Petite Amazonie
Chemin du Pont de l'Arche de Mauves
44000 Nantes


Accessible for wheelchair users, except for 1st floor.