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Contemporary Art

Street Art

All that it is necessary to know, to make and to see...

Illegal and reprehensible activity, graffography is nevertheless an ephemeral art, a means of expression, an object of urban culture. The City of Nantes wished to leave spaces of freedom to graffiti artists, spaces where they can give free rein to their creativity.

Cinéma Katorza - by  L’Outsider and Dino Voodoo

Quai Wilson - artists jam during Dawn City

Works Voyage à Nantes 2017

Trafic by Ador et Semor

Plan graff

To discover the "legal spots" of this open-air museum, follow the graff plan !

  • Under Carnot bridge : Quai Baco - next to Lieu Unique
  • Under Tbilissi bridge : beside quai Malakoff and besite Quai Ferdinand Favre, under the bridge only
  • Under Aristide Briand bridge : quai Magellan : 1 wall et 2 pillars et Boulevard Louis Barthou : 1 wall et 2 pillars
  • Square Vertais : beside Boulevard Bénoni Goulin (walls and pillars's bridge ) and beside bd des Martyrs Nantais de la Résistance - at the bottom of the car park
  • Saint-Domingue street : building wall after "le Floride", in the direction of quai Président Wilson
  • Under Clémenceau bridge : 1 wall Boulevard François Blancho, north
  • Wall along boulevard Salvador Allende (only the part between the 2 plates only "plan graff")
  • Dervallières Park : wall in front of the sports shelf
  • Sport tray Port Boyer : 109 route de St-Joseph de Porterie, next to collège Rutigliano


* The use of free expression walls is subject to authorization, for any further information, contact pickup-production.


Walls whose practice is not the subject of an application for authorization (free practice commonly acquired for years):

  • Boulevard Gaston Doumergue Île de Nantes (wall beside quai bords de Loire)
  • Butte Sainte Anne / Chantenay (rue Joseph Cholet, bottom of the Carrière)

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