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06.07.2019 - 01.09.2019

Richard Mosse is an Irish photographer who works on the mnemonic traces of war violence. His approach is as visual as it is political.

War, persecutions, climate change… these are among the major causes of mass migration – undoubtedly the largest since WWII.

With Incoming – an immersive video installation composed of giant screens – Richard Mosse shows the profoundly difficult and frequently tragic journeys of refugees. This photographer went to two of the most travelled and dangerous routes of exile taken by migrants: one moving out of the East (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan) through Turkey; the other coming up from the South and the Sahel region through the Sahara and up to Libya. Armed with a military-grade camera with heat-detecting technology to track human presence, he filmed men struggling against the elements and hypothermia, trying to survive. In the images, the heat is bright and luminous. When it diminishes, the light grows less visible... While the media and society appear to pay less and less attention to this tragedy, the artist tries to keep “the flame alive of these urgent stories of human displacement.”

Photos from the Heat Maps series complete the exhibition. 


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