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Land, sea, sweet, savoury

The cuisine in Nantes isn’t defined by a simple set of recognisable recipes. Nantes is between the land and the sea, sweet and savoury, animals and vegetables. It’s at the crossroads between Brittany, the Vendée and the Loire river enriched over the centuries by flavours brought to its port from around the world.

During the summer, don't miss the guinguettes and relaxation areas of the Voyage à Nantes, where quality food is available.

Sure, we'll never forget Clémence Lefeuvre and her ‘beurre blanc’ white butter sauce and we’ll enjoy again and again a ‘Gateau Nantais’ cake, but Nantes cuisine is much, much more. It has a unique spirit about it; its geographical position for starters as well as the characters that made it.

The cuisine in Nantes is above all a showcase for the abundant variety of local produce. There is also a network of high quality growers, market gardeners, fishermen, breeders, as well as cheese and wine makers. So it’s in this context that the chefs in Nantes in turn showcase this produce in their menus and in doing so build up a never-ending repertoire that never forgets that the main ingredient is the taste.

A taste of Nantes

The savoury tastes Nantes are: vegetables (lamb’s lettuce, carrots,leeks…) seafood (crabes, king prawns, oysters, mussels…) fish (sardines, seabass…), Loire fish (pike, perch, eels, elvers…), cheese (curé nantais, mâchecoulais).

Nantes’ sweetmeats

BN or LU biscuits, “berlingot” and “rigolette” sweets, butter scotch caramels, “fouace” starshaped sweet bread, Nantes cake, chocolates, ‘nantillais’ fruit cordial…

Muscadet wine sur Lie

At the start of the century, wine growers in the Nantes region used to keep the best barrel of wine for important family occasions. It was conserved without decanting, giving this “wedding barrel-wine” a particular character: it was more fresh tasting and had a more structured aroma. And thanks to this tradition, Muscadet aged “sur Lie” was born. It’s the only natural way of producing this wine - and it’s done in Nantes!

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Food and wine

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Les Tables de Nantes, find a creperie in Nantes

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Food and wine

Wineries of excellence

Vineyards in the "Muscadet"

Food events

Pass Nantes

Le Voyage à Nantes, La Cantine, Photo : Philippe Piron

Included in the Pass Nantes 7 days

Unusual playground! 


Le Voyage à Nantes
Food and wine
Marché de Talensac

An institution in the town

Nantes’ oldest and biggest market was opened on 8th January 1937. Its seafood and fish stands are particularly loved...

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Food and wine


The "beurre blanc" sauce is the emblematic recipe of the Nantes region. It goes very well with fish.

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    Recipe of an exotic flavoured dessert

    It's a tasty mixture of sugar, almonds, butter and Antilles rum from the Antille islands; a mellow dessert with...

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    easy recipe!

    Fast meal. Good snack. The winter afternoon. Gourmet restaurant. Crêpes suit in any circumstances!