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Is Nantes by the sea ?
No ! The nearest sea resort is 50 km far from Nantes.
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Is Nantes in Brittany ?
Historically, it is, and so it is also culturally a little Bretton. However administratively speaking, it is not situated in the Bretagne region anymore.
> Check our page about Nantes and Brittany.

How can I visit the Loire Castles ?
Two Loire Castles are situated on the territory of Nantes Metropole : the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the Mansion House of Goulaine. However the Loire Castles are mostly concentrated in the Loire Valley, which is a different region!

Is there one or two train stations in Nantes ?
There is only one train station, made of two communicating buildings: North access (to the tramway and the botanical garden) and South access ( to the convention center and the lieu unique)

Is there an airport shuttle bus ?
Yes, you will find further information about this transport on this link.

What’s this green line on the ground ?
This green line painted on the ground is an itinerary called “le Voyage à Nantes” leading to the city’s best cultural stops, major monuments and must-visit sites.
> More information about the Voyage à Nantes trail

Where can I go shopping ?
To learn about our favorite places for shopping, check this page out!

What is the weather forecast ?
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How to come in Nantes ?
> Check our page
> Find your itinerary

Where to park by motorhome (service area) ?
> Stay with your motorhome in Nantes Métropole
> Service area in Loire-Atlantique Service area in Loire-Atlantique

What are the main event in Nantes ?
> Check our calendar

Where are the Wifi points ?
The city of Nantes is covered by a public wifi network to offer everyone a free Internet connection in the most emblematic and most frequented places.
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Where are the markets ?
Food, flowers, clothing, flea markets, handicrafts, catering, biological products, sale by cart ... around thirty markets are held in different parts of the city.
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Where are the public toilets located ?
Many public toilets (sanisettes or automatic toilets) are accessible to people with disabilities.
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