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Guest house

Artists designed rooms - Pé Castle

5 artists' rooms to discover

Halfway between Nantes city centre and the Jade coast, Saint‐Jean‐de‐Boiseau gives you the calmness of water and greenery from the vineyards.

The village opens up onto the 18th century Château du Pé parkland. The 6 doors of the bedrooms open up to 6 worlds which are as many means of interpreting the world as mirrors on our deepest being.

A castle built on a mound, dominating on one side a pond and on the other the vast marshes of the Loire: the setting immediately evokes the world of fairy tales. Inside, a magnificent bestuary, pieces of furniture hidden in the walls, a talking window, shapes coming out of the walls: one can also enter the bedrooms thought up by the artists in the fairy tale way. 



From 88 €

Breakfast included


Saint Jean de Boiseau
Rue de l'Égalité
44640 Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau


06 38 44 49 98
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