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in an unexpected place

A boat, a nest, on the banks of the Loire, an old factory or a work of art!
In Nantes the bars are not classical!


Le Voyage à Nantes, La Cantine, Photo : Philippe Piron
02.06.2020 - 27.09.2020

Unusual playground!

Place of relaxation, ephemeral surprising space and convivial for the visitors who discover it.

Le Voyage à Nantes

National center for contemporary arts

Housed in the former LU biscuit factory since the 1st January 2000, the “lieu unique” is a space for artistic...

Le Voyage à Nantes, l'Absence
Contemporary Art

Atelier Van Lieshout

At the same time a sculpture, a bar and a comment on today’s architecture.

“Quai des plantes“, quai de la Fosse, Nantes
Park and garden

Ephemeral , open-air plant nursery on the banks of the Loire

Green walk on the Quai de la Fosse.

Bateau-Lavoir, Nantes
Food and wine

A guinguette (open-air café) in the town centre

A place to chill every day

Pass Nantes

Le Voyage à Nantes
Park and garden

7 hectares of greenery in front of the station

Nestled in a green setting, Café l'Orangerie is the perfect place to refresh yourself on the terrace.


It was once a fishing village along the Loire river

Lose yourself in an amazing maze of colorful streets or sit on the dock for a drink facing the river.

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