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It was once a fishing village along the Loire river

Lose yourself in an amazing maze of colorful streets or sit on the dock for a drink facing the river.

Lovely for a pleasant stroll, and a place to have something to eat and drink, to chat with friends and watch the changing hues of the Loire under the setting sun.

From the western tip of the Isle you’ll first notice the red-tiled roofs, a sure sign that you are looking at the south bank of the Loire. Trentemoult is part of Rezé, which stretches along the south of Nantes. It was once a fishing and Cape Horner village. Its traditional three-storey houses were built with the Loire’s rise in water level in mind, the ground floor, liable to flooding, contained the cellar, and above it was the reception room. The top level was an attic, which often linked to neighbouring attics, allowing villagers to meet without having to use boats. The staircases were mainly outside, giving access to the upstairs rooms during times of flooding. Occasionally there was an interior staircase too. In the second half of the 19th century, captains started to feel squeezed in by size of these houses, and started to build bigger ones around the village. These more bourgeois houses had large gardens filled with flowers and exotic plants brought back from their travels. Building the quayside reduced the risk of floods, the last big ones happened in 1910 and 1935.

Visual artists in Trentemoult

Trentemoult is today a hub of artistic activity and home to over 20 professional artists and their workshops.

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quai marcel boissard
44400 Rezé
With the boat Navibus from one side of the river to another

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