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Le Longchamp Hotel

Welcome to the city of the Dukes of Brittany.Under the guidance ofanattentive staff, The Hotel LeLongchamp promise great comfort and specialcarewith there 26soundproof rooms,tastefully furnishedand fully equipped.The rooms are also equipped with a TV and enjoy free WiFi access, all at an attractive price.

The Hotel, recently renovated, meets the latest safety standards and also have a secure parking. The Hotel Le Longchamp is located ideally for traveling, it is located between downtown and the ring road. A public transport stop is also located close to the hotel. Nearby, we can admire the center of Nantes, the architectural heritage of great diversity is considered as one of the richest in France. In terms of nightlife and entertainment, the city of Nantes is full of appointments and only 10 minutes from the Zenith. .



78 Route de Vannes
44300 Nantes


02 40 76 96 88
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