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Le Voyage à Nantes


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3 July to 12 September

Let yourself drift from a work signed by a today’s great artist to a remarkable element of our heritage, from classic sites to unknown treasures, from a historic alleyway to a contemporary piece of architecture, from a surprising vista onto the city to a sunset on the Loire estuary…

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Every summer an artistic programme in the public space takes over the city.

what's new in 2021

Contemporary Art
Place Graslin

Playground 2021 - TITAN

In the centre of the Graslin square, a monumental, circular track dedicated to the age-old practice of roller...

Le Naufrage de Neptune, maquette
Contemporary Art
Place Royale

Ugo Schiavi

By submerging the fountain’s statues, a massive heap of steel is invaded by the ebb and flow of water, which weeps...

Le Naufrage de Neptune
Contemporary Art

Continuing the allegory of a shipwreck, a hidden character appears on the banks of the Loire.

Un castor sur un arbre couché, Esquisse
Contemporary Art
Porte Sauvetout

Laurent Le Deunff

Staging a fictional story for a medieval relic.

The Flying land, Jut Art Museum, Tapei, 2018
03.07.2021 - 12.09.2021
Passage Sainte-Croix

Ulla von Brandenburg

An immersive and renewed experience  : movement, stage, colour, music, and textiles, to name a few.

The Faint House Of Yes
Contemporary Art
Temple du goût

Bianca Bondi

This chemical ceremony involves embalming every space on site, each one of which dedicated to a protective material...

Gilles Barbier Travailler le dimanche
22.05.2021 - 26.09.2021
HAB Galerie

Gilles Barbier

Exploring rational thought processes and overlapping ideas through fictional tales.

Pass Nantes

12.06.2021 - 12.09.2021
Château des ducs de Bretagne

3 fragrance variations submitted to the public

Only one of these 3 original creations will be made available for purchase at the end of the year. But which will it...

Pass Nantes

Expression(s) décoloniale(s) #2 _ Romuald Hazoumè, Water Cargo _ Musée d histoire de Nantes
19.05.2021 - 14.11.2021
Château des ducs de Bretagne

Romuald Hazoumè

A chance to discover current historical and artistic perspectives on the Atlantic slave trade

Pass Nantes

esprit et forme du Japon
03.07.2021 - 12.09.2021
Château des ducs de Bretagne

Toshihiro Hamano

The Illustrated Life of Prince Shōtoku, Chūgū temple collection: 4 screens visible for the first time in...

Le va-et-vient des pierres électriques. Esquisse
Contemporary Art

Amélie Bertrand

An artist takes over 2 trams, like mobile paintings in the urban landscape.

Filili Viridi
Contemporary Art
Jardin des plantes

Jean Jullien

3 new characters join the group for the summer of 2021.