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Musée Compagnonnique

Masterpieces and old tools of the Companions of the Tour de France

On the heights of the hill Sainte-Anne, rises the manor of the Hautière which houses the museum of the Companions of the Tour de France of the United Duties. It presents some masterpieces of the companions but also old tools that testify to the history of companionship.



The Companions of the Tour de France of the Reunited Duties have their museum offering a setting suitable for daydreams for lovers of the Nantes past : the manor of La Hautière. This one, restored by the efforts of the companions from 1968, presents in its rooms some masterpieces executed by the companions as well as a conservatory of old tools used to work the wood, the glass, the metal, the painting.
Here the locksmiths, there metals, elsewhere wood, the frames, the blankets but also the bakery ... Some trades almost disappeared are evoked: sabotier, blacksmith ...




14 Rue Claude Guillon Verne
44100 Nantes


Not accessible to people with wheelchairs