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Submarine Espadon and Saint-Nazaire heritage Museum

Visit the submarine ‘Espadon’

and find out what it was like for 65 men to live for weeks on end beneath the waves… with only one shower between them!

The French submarine Espadon (“swordfish” in French) is open to visitors inside the fortified lock of the harbour of Saint-Nazaire. The lock as a matter of fact used to be the very first harbour entrance, dating back to 1856; during World War 2, it was fortified by the German army to be part of the huge submarine base.

The Ecomusée, located on the outside of the harbour, directly facing the Loire estuary, is a museum about the historic, industrial and maritime heritage of Saint-Nazaire and its surrounding area. It is an invitation to travel through time, discovering how Saint-Nazaire became a thriving transatlantic harbour in the 19th century, was destroyed during World War 2, rebuilt in the 1950’s.


Submarine Espadon
Adults : 10 € / Children 4 - 17 : 5 € / Reduced 8,50 €

Museum Ecomusée
Adults 5 € / Children 4 - 17 2,50 € / Reduced 4 €

Reduced price for Pass Nantes card holders


Avenue de la Forme Ecluse
44600 Saint-Nazaire


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