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Nantes Arts Museum

First world retrospective of Nicolas Régnier from 30 November 2017

After 6 years of closure, the Musée d'arts de Nantes re-opens in june 2017 with 2,000 m2 of additional exhibition space, restored facades, a restaurant and a bookshop all designed by the London’s architecture firm Stanton Williams.

The museum's collection of over 12,000 pieces stretches from primitive to modern art and covers every type of art creation. Artists include Georges de La Tour, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Max Ernst, Sonia Delaunay, Gaston Chaissac, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Vassily Kandinsky, Raymond Hains, Claude Cahun, Giuseppe Penone and Nan Goldin to name just a few

In the museum till 3rd jne 2018
A temporary exhibition of the representation of women throughout the centuries.

In the Chapel of the Oratory till 18th march 2018
A major work of Bill Viola, belonging to the permanent collections. Internationally renowned artist in the field of video, he created Nantes Triptych which consists of 3 video screens.

On the esplanade, in front of the museum  till 18 march 2018
A work by Dominique Blais. For the first intervention in the showcase of the museum, the artist proposes a device inspired by the gyroscope: "a sculpture in movement, an unusual object, which feeds on light or its absence to make appear or disappear the color".

Nicolas Régnier, l'homme libre - from 1st december 2017 to 11th march 2018
The Museum presents a world’s first with this retrospective dedicated to the Caravaggio painter Nicolas Régnier (c.1588-1667). A cosmopolitan and audacious artist, Nicolas Régnier initially moved to Rome where he painted with humour the people and bohemian lifestyle of the taverns. In Venice he became a renowned painter, a major art collector and dealer. Through some forty paintings drawn from international collections, the museum exhibits both the work of this talented artist and the life of a man... free.

Luc-Olivier Merson (1846-1920)  - from mid-march to mid-june 2018
A painter and a decorator, Luc-Olivier Merson is an important artist for the museum which has retained a rich set of his drawings, prints and paintings. His dreamlike, abundant and sometimes agonising world has made him a master of symbolism. 

Thierry Kuntzel (1948-2007), The Waves - from mid-mai 2018
Thierry Kuntzel is one of the major figures in video art. His interactive installation ‘The Waves’ depicts breaking waves accompanied by the sound of the sea.
As the audience approaches the screen, the image slows down, the sound decreases, and vice versa when the audience moves away. The visitor experiments with their position and perspective in relation to the image, treating it as a three-dimensional moving substance

1886. Impressionnists in Nantes 11 october 2018 – 13 january 2019, Patio

Laurent Tixador, Potager du 19th april 2018 to october 2018 , On the esplanade, in front of the museum


4 September 2017 to 7 July 2018 : 11.00- 19.00
Thursdays late opening to 21.00.
Closed on tuesdays.
Closed 1/10, 1/05, 1/11, 25/12

Last entrance 30 minutes before closure


8 €

Reduced rate 4€
Free less than 18 years, disabled people, job-seekers and beneficiaries of basic welfare benefits.
Free from September till June on 1st Sunday of the month
With the Pass Nantes : free access + reduce price for the guided tours


Rue Georges Clemenceau
44000 Nantes


02 51 17 45 00


Bistronomy by Michelin star chef Eric Guérin de la Mare aux oiseaux, in Saint-Joachim,
An open space during the day which, in the evening, will be more cozy to offer "a more worked menu".