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Natural heritage

On the Erdre river

Strolling on the water

At first savage, the Erdre opens to navigation from Nort sur Erdre. A classified site, its valley then reveals the parks surrounding castles and beautiful residences, before reaching the heart of Nantes.

About ten kilometers of its river is on the list of major national sites.

L'Erdre can be seen from Nantes on a large panoramic boat or in a private boat.

The Erdre is also discovered on foot by the GR3 from the island of Versailles, and by the paths of "Bords de l'Erdre" in Carquefou. But it is above all on the water that it is unveiled: renting of habitable boats, dinghies, pedal boats, canoes-kayaks are proposed.

ruban vert electric boat

The Castle along the Erdre

Along its banks are manors and vast properties, built from the second half of the eighteenth century on the initiative of the Nantes shipowners enriched by the triangular trade. There are thirty castles in the vicinity of Nantes: castles of the Eraudière, the Pottery ...

The Edge of the Erdre in the town centre

True floating islands, a laundry boat transformed into a "guinguette", refuges for local flora and fauna, the banks of the Erdre are also worth a visit : classified river heritage, exhibition at L'Atelier (rue de Châteaubriand), stroll along Docks, a break on a sunny terrace before joining the House of Erdre on the island of Versailles and see its boats become dwellings.

Pont-Morand Place and les Comblements

Beginning in 1926, the filling work of the lower Erdre and some branches of the Loire began. The Erdre seems to stop at the level of the square ! It is in fact diverted towards the tunnel Saint-Félix whose entrance is here, to pass under the courtyards walks and reappear 800 meters further at the foot of the unique place.

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