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Park and garden

Parc de Procé

Merry-go-round, kiddies slides, tea room... Playgrounds and paddling pool rue des Dervallières, in front of the park

A former “private park for the bourgeois” and has all the charm of a London park. Remarkable trees have been planted here, some are hundreds of years old: Service trees, Atlas cedars, sequoias. The manor house was built in 1789, and in front of it stands a magnificent Virginia tulip tree, which happens to be one of the oldest in France and is equal in size to those growing in the south-east of the US. In spring, the park is prettily decorated by the azalea and camelia borders.

Along the Chézine stream is a mixed border and a collection of dahlias and fuchsias which are particularly attractive in summer. The 4 main sculptures at the top end represent agriculture, forest, botany and sculpture and come from the former Trocadero in Paris.



Rue des Dervallières
44036 Nantes


06 76 08 97 82


Slope from the boulevard Constant to the River Chézine