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Park and garden

Parc des Chantiers

On a former shipyard

As the headquarters of the “Machines de l’île”, the park is now a fun and educational site.

At Nantes's former shipyard, the landscaper Alexandre Chemetoff has designed a park which reveals the history of the site and where botany gets the upper hand on horticulture. Each strip and terrace has its own plant-based atmosphere.

4 gardens, 1 beach and 1 panorama over the Loire

The setting of the garden of the banks with a sandy beach, a grassed beach and a solarium, allows you to enjoy the sunny days pleasantly.
In the hollow of an old slipway, the garden of the Voyages, on almost 1,400 m2, offers a playground for children: swing, toboggans, net of climbing and, for the biggest, a zip-line. The space is playful and designed in a tropical atmosphere with palms and exotic plants.
The garden of the Estuary is an ancient slipway that nature has invaded: angelic of the estuaries, "salicaire" and "massette", the diversity of flora reinforces this spontaneous garden, irrigated partly by the Loire.
The terrace of the winds on shore of the river with its air sleeves and its sodding in steps, is at the foot of the yellow Titan crane. (Picnic tables and barbecue in summer)
The No.2 slipway offers at its summit an astonishing panorama over the park and beyond, a renewed look on the quay of the Fosse and the city center.
Along the No.3 slipway, there is Ballast garden, perennials - hollyhocks, fennels, centaury - bring colors and perfumes. Picnic tables are hidden among the plantations.

Maison Des Hommes & Des Techniques (MHT) 
Ateliers & Chantiers De Nantes
2 bis, boulevard Léon Bureau
02 40 08 20 22
In this building, surviving from the days when the sirens sounded out across the shipyards, the MHT presents ‘Bâtisseurs de navires’ (Ship Builders), an impassioned exhibition.
t. 02 40 08 20 22
From Mondays to Fridays 10.00-12.30 and 14.00-18.00. Open the 1st and 3rd weekends from April to October 14.00 - 18.00. Closed the first two weeks in august and during the Christmas holidays. Free access.

Quai François-Mitterrand
Floating barge (naval architect O.Flahault).
Bar, restaurant, patio, accessible to the general public.
People in wheelchair : leveled off, accompanying helper recommended at neap tides.

HAB Galerie
21, quai des Antilles
The ‘Hangar à bananes’ is home to the HAB gallery, a centre dedicated to modern art which has seen exhibitions by the Foundation of Modern Art Frac des Pays de la Loire and the ‘Voyage à Nantes’. Visit the gift and bookshop of the exhibitions.

The two Titan cranes are remnants of the industrial era: the yellow one was put on site in 1955 to raise boat blocks and enable assembly on the slipway. The grey one was needed to unload ships from the 1960’s onwards, and have since been classified historical sights.

Law Courts
Quai François-Mitterrand
Conceived by Jean Nouvel, this monument, inaugurated in 2000, is a must, even if merely to take in the awesome ‘salle des pas-perdus’, a vast rectangle of light facing the Loire. Strength, yet also transparency, light in the ‘uprightness’ of its lines, it commands authority through its contemporary
architecture.  Home to American artist Jenny Holzer’s digital piece.
Restricted access. Security checks in place.
People in wheelchair : leveled off, accompanying helper recommended.

Passerelle Schœlcher
It is a pedestrian footbridge connecting the historical old town to the Isle of Nantes. It is a moving bridge as it sits on hydraulic cylinders installed in the pillars of the bridge which means that its central part is at a constant height above the water. This allows for uninterrupted use by walkers and cyclists even at high tides (architects Barto + Barto).


Pointe Ouest Île de Nantes
Esplanade des Traceurs de coques
44200 Nantes

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