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Accessibility for the disabled

Le Voyage à Nantes has been working alongside the municipal government to improve access for the physically disabled.



The artistic trail ”Le Voyage à Nantes“ is accessible to all thanks to a special guide where you’ll find details about the access to the Voyage à Nantes arts trail (physical, sensory or mental impairments). There is a specially adapted route for those with reduced mobility, and descriptions of the works, their presentation and their environment are adapted for different impairments. This guidebook is available in our Nantes.Tourisme offices.

Moreover, in 2011 the Castle of dukes of Brittany obtained the tourist boards’ quality label for disabled visitors in the 4 categories (physical, sight, hearing, and mental).

Don't miss the Liveau Mill in the vineyard which is also very well adpated.

You’ll find these symbols in our guide books. They indicate venues that are difficult to access for visitors with mobility issues (wheelchair users and/or with a child’s pushchair or buggy may find access difficult).

All year long, Nantes.Tourisme welcomes you and helps you plan your stay.

Files to download

Our guide for disabled people (in french) .pdf file

Parking for disabled people, dowtown .pdf file