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Best picnic spots in the city

Our favourite places

As the days get longer and sunnier (or not !), a lunch or a dinner outdoors in the urban area can be a nice experience !

In July and August, les Barbecues du Voyage : tables, benches and barbecues

Gourmet Stops (tables and benches in tiny urban orchards) : Square Daviais, Stop Duchesse Anne…

Green spaces : Jardin des Plantes, Île de Versailles, Parc des Chantiers, the Castle moat gardens, the Playground by Kinya Maruyama, on the grass in front of l'Absence, the Péage Sauvage

The CRAPA park on the eastern tip of the Île de Nantes : children playgrounds, shady and sunny areas, tables and benches, park barbecue

Under cover picninc is also possible in the Green house of "Palm Island" in the Jardin des Plantes


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