Site officiel du Tourisme de Nantes Métropole


  1. La plage. Parc des chantiers. Ile de Nantes. Nantes
    Park and garden
    Pointe Ouest Île de Nantes

    On a former shipyard

    Each strip and terrace has its own plant-based atmosphere. As the headquarters of the “Machines de l’île”, the park...

  2. Dépodépo, aire de jeux par Claude Ponti, Jardin des plantes - Voyage à Nantes
    Park and garden
    Jardin des plantes

    Claude Ponti

    A permanent playground for children at the botanical garden, from the imagination of Claude Ponti

  3. Aire de jeux
    Park and garden
    Square Élisa Mercœur

    Kinya Maruyama

    Between the rhinoceros heads and a dragon’s gaze, children will discover places to jump, play and go on to invent...

  4. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Park and garden

    Three centuries of botany, sea-faring and the green fingers of the gardeners have made the gardens what they are...

  5. Park and garden

    A route through the natural landscapes and cultivated fields of the world

  6. Park and garden
  7. Park and garden

    On the left bank of the river Erdre

  8. Park and garden
  9. Park and garden

    Japanese garden

  10. Park and garden

    In front of the castle of the dukes of Brittany