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  1. Château des Ducs de Bretagne, Nantes
    04.03.2018 - 02.12.2018

    The 1st sunday of each month

    from september to june

    5 City museums have free admission on the 1st sunday of each month from september to june !

  2. Le Héron de la Galerie des Machines de l’Île, Nantes
    Currently closed. Reopening on 9th February

    A team of mad builders have set up their workshop in this warehouse : a performance area where each individual...

  3. Le Chronographe (Rezé). Photo : F. Dantart
    Site de Saint Lupien - Rezé

    Center of archaeological interpretation

    Closed until 9th February

    Le Chronographe travels the history of the antique city of Ratiatum, discovered in the basement of Rezé and explored...

  4. Planétarium , Nantes

    Discovering astronomy in Nantes

    Its 8m hemispherical dome makes it stand out.

  5. alt - musee_vignoble2018_carre.jpg

    From plant grafting in the vines to wine tasting

    All wine producing stages from cultivating to bottling

  6. Festival des 3 Continents 2018
    19.11.2019 - 26.11.2019

    Cinematography of Africa, Asia and Latin America

    With exclusive premieres of works of fiction, retrospective, tribute to an actor...

  7. Escal_carre
    Base sous-marine de St Nazaire

    The Ocean Liner Experience

    Saint-Nazaire Harbour : be transported

  8. Musée d'arts de Nantes

    Wide panorama of the history of art from the 13th to the 21st century

    in a new setting marrying the architecture of yesterday and today

  9. la Mer XXL Nantes
    29.06.2019 - 10.07.2019
    Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire

    The sea as you have never seen it!

    A genuine ‘universal exhibition’ of the sea. The aim of La mer XXL is to build a living, spectacular and informative...

  10. alt - goulaine_carre.jpg
    30.03.2019 - 11.11.2019

    At the gates of Nantes and the ocean, on the threshold of Brittany

    Open from 30 March to 11 November

    This is the very first castle to have been built in the Loire Valley (late 15th c.). It is now home to the official...

  11. Les Utopiales - édition 2018
    30.10.2019 - 03.11.2019
    Cité des Congrès de Nantes

    Main science-fiction festival in Europe

    Literature, cinema, comics and plastic arts.

  12. Muséum d'histoire naturelle

    For animal-lovers : collections of zoology, wildlife, mineralogy

    Among the top few in France for its number of its specimens

  13. alt - musee_imprimerie_carre.jpg

    Take a look back at the printing trade

    Take a look back at the printing trade in an authentic atmosphere, with the smells of lead and ink. You can operate...

  14. alt - chateau_chateaubriant_carre.jpg

    A medieval fortress and a Renaissance structure

    The Château de Châteaubriant combines ten centuries of history.

  15. Voix bretonnes 2019
    25.01.2019 - 27.01.2019
    Château des ducs de Bretagne
  16. Animation
    Ecole des Beaux-Arts
  17. 31.10.2019 - 03.11.2019
    Meeting and convention
    Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire
  18. 11.03.2019 - 18.03.2019
    Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle
  19. 09.02.2019 - 25.02.2019
    12 rue Voltaire
  20. Exhibition

    Till 1987, great ships were built in Nantes

  21. Museum
    Ecluse fortifiée du port de Saint-Nazaire

    The first visitor centre in France about offshore wind energy

  22. Museum

    New collection of 3000 historic objects

  23. 09.02.2019 - 12.05.2019
    Le Chronographe
  24. 14.03.2019 - 17.03.2019
    Esplanade des riveurs
  25. Heritage

    A neo-medieval palace in the heart of Nantes

  26. 31.01.2019 - 06.04.2019
    Passage Sainte-Croix