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  1. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Residential hotel

    The Adagio Nantes Centre aparthotel is ideally situated in the heart of the city, nearby the castle of the Dukes of...

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  3. La plage. Parc des chantiers. Ile de Nantes. Nantes
    Park and garden
    Pointe Ouest Île de Nantes

    On a former shipyard

    Each strip and terrace has its own plant-based atmosphere. As the headquarters of the “Machines de l’île”, the park...

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    Hotel ***

    The Hotel Belfort welcome you 24 hours a day, close to the Cité Internationale des Congrès (2min). Situated 10min...

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    19.04.2019 - 13.09.2019

    This tour is only available in French.

  6. Jardin friche industrielle Nantes
    Natural heritage

    Gilles Clément

    The "Jardin du Tiers-Paysage" is a triptych which takes advantage of the three architectural devices of the site:"...

  7. Le Voyage à Nantes

    8.5 hectares of fresh, contemporary accommodation in the great outdoors - yet just a few minutes from the city-...

  8. alt - Delartdesenseignes_QuentinFaucompré_OlivierTexier_PascalLebrain_LVAN2014_carre.jpg
    10.04.2019 - 28.08.2019

    This tour is only available in French.

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    26.04.2019 - 22.08.2019

    This tour is only available in French.

  10. Bateau mou tordu Nantes
    Contemporary Art
    Le Pellerin

    Erwin Wurm

    Maintenance works from 3 to 29 April - Not accessible

    An abandoned yacht tilts onto its side and tips over, irresistibly attracted by the river.

  11. Cheminement en bois, roselière, observatoire, Nantes
    Contemporary Art

    Tadashi Kawamata

    A wooden path in the surrounding meadows and reed beds that were drawing the line between the tower and the village...

  12. Banc Fontaine au Château du Pé, Nantes
    Contemporary Art

    Jeppe Hein

    Near the lake, a bench invites visitors to contemplate the castle. While sitting down, they are surprised by a 20-...

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    05.04.2019 - 06.09.2019

    This tour is only available in French.

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    Castle, italian architecture, garden along the Sèvre river

    With its Italian-style architecture, Clisson is reminiscent of a Tuscan city. Its castle, covered market, and bridge...

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    Hotel ****

    The Best Western Hotel de la Régate is quietly located in the heart of nature, near the Erdre River, 10 minutes from...

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  17. alt - ibis gare sud carre.jpg
    Hotel ***

    Located 400 m from the railway station, downtown facing the castle of the Duc de Bretagne, and 10 km from the...

  18. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Contemporary Art
    Palais de Justice

    Jenny Holzer

    In the concourse of the Law Courts, words from the founding texts of French law (the Civil Code, Declaration of...

  19. Le Voyage à Nantes, l'Absence
    Contemporary Art

    Atelier Van Lieshout

    At the same time a sculpture, a bar and a comment on today’s architecture.

  20. Le Voyage à Nantes, Canadienne Fichtre
    Contemporary Art
    Terrasse du Restaurant le 1

    Collectif Fichtre

    “a shelter made of beams and canvas where one can wile away the Indian summer on the prairies along the Loire”

  21. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Contemporary Art

    Lilian Bourgeat

    Indispensable tool for architects, urban planners, workers, and many other trades, the measuring tape is also...

  22. Le Voyage à Nantes, Les Anneaux
    Contemporary Art

    Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain

    The French three-dimensional artist made world famous by his installation Les Deux Plateaux (1986 in the...

  23. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Contemporary Art
    Parc des Chantiers

    By the architect Jean Prouvé

    Stop of the Voyage à Nantes, information point for Nantes-Tourisme

  24. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Contemporary Art
    Bâtiment Manny

    Angela Bulloch

    The artist got the idea from British pedestrian crossings and redesigned the area opposite the Manny building giving...

  25. Résolution des Forces en Présence, Nantes
    Contemporary Art
    Parc des Chantiers

    Vincent Mauger

    Long stakes are attached to a central matrix, creating a kinetic effect when walking around it.

  26. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Natural heritage

    Picnic or relax while tasting fruits and seasonal vegetables in free access

    These tiny urban orchards and vegetable gardens offer even more this year in order to favour greater biodiversity,...

  27. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Contemporary Art

    Barré-Lambot Architectes

    Feydball – a name combining the Feydau neighbourhood with football.

  28. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Contemporary Art


    A massive wooden sculpture representing a stretch of highway, where we might one day invent a simple and pleasant...

  29. Micr'Home, Myrtille Drouet - Voyage à Nantes 2017

    Myrtille Drouet

  30. Le Voyage à Nantes
    Hotel ***

    At the doors of Nantes, in an island of greenery, the “Hôtel de la Marine” offers to you quietness, comfort and...