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Belvederes designed by artists, building roofs or natural viewpoints enhanced with a work of art, these stages allow you to understand the landscape in the city, in the vineyards or along the Loire.



Belvédère de l'Hermitage
Contemporary Art

Tadashi Kawamata

Through his artworks, Tadashi Kawamata tries to create or recreate the link between humans and places. His works are...

Le Porte-Vue
Natural heritage
Mairie de Château-Thébaud

Emmanuel Ritz

An astonishing experience that will highlight an exceptional panorama.

Sémaphores Vincent Mauger
Contemporary Art

Vincent Mauger

5 semaphores reveal the Loire estuary: 5 points of view punctuate the cycle paths between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire...

Cheminement en bois, roselière, observatoire, Nantes
Contemporary Art

Tadashi Kawamata

A wooden path in the surrounding meadows and reed beds that were drawing the line between the tower and the village...

Jardin friche industrielle Nantes
Natural heritage

Gilles Clément

The "Jardin du Tiers-Paysage" is a triptych which takes advantage of the three architectural devices of the site:"...

Felice Varini, Suite de triangles Saint-Nazaire
Contemporary Art
Toit de la Terrasse Panoramique

Felice Varini

From a viewpoint located on the roof of the panoramic terrace at the submarine base, Felice Varini draws a "...


Point of view of Nantes from the terrace


Chantenay district